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Property and facility managers are crucial to sustainable development


Property and facility managers play a critical role in the present and future of society's sustainable development.


David Looi, the chairman of the organising committee for the 6th MIPFM annual conference with the theme "Smart and Sustainable Property & Facility Management," said in his opening remarks that caretakers of these structures and their operations can significantly help to reduce their carbon footprint.


Buildings are considered to be responsible for 38 per cent of CO2 emissions, according to Looi.


He said, sustainable property and facility management (SFM) is a special procedure that grants a property manager/facility manager the power to make structural, architectural, and operational adjustments to lessen the adverse effects of buildings on their occupants and the environment.


The conference was organised by the Malaysian Institute of Property and Facility Managers.


Datuk Sr. Haji Kamarulzaman Mat Salleh, executive director (Management) of Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) said in his speech that: "SFM has the potential to generate better economic, social and environmental value through integrated property and facility management services, infrastructure, and digital technologies.

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