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Gravit 8

360° Lifestyle,

Where the Best

Meet in Klang

Welcome to Gravit8 – the lakefront community that offers an exceptional blend of urban living, leisure, working, and entertainment, all nestled in one convenient location. Our development is comprised of several components, including a Shopping Mall, Retail Shops, and Serviced Apartments, all designed to be self-sufficient and integrated seamlessly, allowing residents, occupants, and visitors to enjoy a comfortable transition from one zone to the next.

Gravit8 pays tribute to the renowned Klang port city with a maritime theme pervading throughout the development. With its captivating and enticing atmosphere, visitors are sure to discover the perfect balance of convenience and urban sophistication at Gravit8. Visit today and experience the charm of this extraordinary destination!

The central lakeside park in Gravit8 is designed as a pioneering next generation urban park. The design is contemporary with a shape unique to Gravit8 as an iconic and immediate identifiable focal point.

The park is visually and physically integrated with the surrounding development, allowing residents and visitors easy access into the park from multiple entry points. This space is ideal for intimate to large gatherings; from enjoying a leisurely picnic by the waterside to soaking up the electic atmosphere during festive events.



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