Vtara 36 Residence @Thong Lor Sukhumvit (BangkoK)

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Vtara 36 Residence @Thong Lor Sukhumvit (BangkoK)

For South East Asean, Bangkok is one of the famous tourism spot from the success of their unique cultures, trading zone landmark and the delicacies.

When travels in Bangkok, Thong Lor -  One of the city in Bangkok, also known as "The Little Japan" of Bangkok where a tourist always must take in note. The following are some places that you shouldn't miss out as a tourist:

Adopted: Top 10 must visit cafe in Thong Lor. 

Dinosaur Planet Bangkok is a theme park dedicated to prehistoric beasts that will be opening in 2016.

Benjakitti Park - one of the most picturesque views of the downtown Bangkok skyline.

Rod Fai Market 2

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