Dato' Howard Chew - Founder / Group Chairman


Dato Howard Chew -  a legendary representation in real estate industry of Malaysia, a highly self-esteem character with remarkable achievements, either his study in Business Management, or his real estate career from a zero break through.
Across the ways of his passionate and positive manners in real estate, he made the “first pot gold”, channelling to 13 branches from a small-scaled roof of 5 conserved recruits, dominant winner of multiple awards, formed international joint-venture company – Shengster, had have labelled Chester is more conquerable in local and overseas as well.
And now, Chester has approximate 1,500 well-trained staffs, the pioneer brand name of Chester assured an establishment of royalty clients such as HCK, LBS, Mahsing, Sunsuria, Taipan Focus, Country Height, I-Berhad, and etc, from a zero ground base to more than 25 alias agencies over the market.
No doubt, he is moving to the next stepping stone in achieving RM5 billion GDV set in 2016, with the gut pumped by the optimistic results in 2006 at RM50 million and 2015 at RM2 billion!